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Jun 15, 2020
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I'm going to be very transparent. I was supposed to begin my residency position soon, however, I failed my pre-employment hair follicle examination, because I tested positive for cannabis. They informed me yesterday that they decided to terminate my contract due to the failed pre employment drug screen, which is in my contract. However, in my contract I was supposed to be given an opportunity to defend myself, and never received that chance. I also live in a state where cannabis is legal for recreational use. Also one last side note, I had received an email that stated that I was going to get a urine drug screen, and I found out two days before hand that it was going to be a hair follicle examination.

So I guess some of my questions are:

1) Can I fight this? (And in that regard is it worth it, because it would obviously create some tension between me and my program)
2) Can I find a residency spot still somewhere else? (speaking to people, it seems like I may be able to find a spot in an unfilled program, and just be a bit delayed in terms of my start date)
3) Where could I find a list of unfilled residency spots? (I contacted The Match and they told me that they do not have that information)
4) At what point am I considered an "employee" is it when I matched? Or my first day?

Thanks and I appreciate any help in this situation
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