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Jan 14, 2007
:cool: dear friends,cdc,
im glad that i hav found some site where similar viewpoints in life are shared.I ,have completed M.D.S in dental public health,currently doing PhD in dentistry.i will be completing in feb 2009,shal i start applying for U.S schools for 2009 september session? i want to join any school in U.S or canada.this is to join teaching and research only,(honest) after completion and at any cost not practice,bcos i luv the queries and ideas of students.can somebody guide about dental public health programs preferably MS or MSc where i can get admission without GRE,i can take toefl anytime.i have around 6 yrs teaching experience in a dental school
waiting for ur reply:idea:


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Feb 9, 2007
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since faculty members are extremely scarce in the united states, you should have no problem entering such a program at nearly any university, given your backround...

good luck!
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