Aug 4, 2019
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  1. Pre-Dental
Hello everyone! I am a rising senior in undergrad and I have wanted to go to dental school for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I have a terrible GPA. Like terrible terrible. My GPA is a 2.6. I took the DAT last summer and got a 18AA...again, terrible. I know that my scores are too low to even consider applying directly to dental school right now so I am considering master programs. A lot of the programs require higher DAT scores and GPAs so I am considering to retake the DAT this summer and hopefully get at least a 20/21. Can someone tell me if I should do a masters or post-bacc? If so, what are some good programs that will help me? I don't know, in general, what should I do? I am kind of lost.
Jun 9, 2020
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  1. Pre-Dental
I graduated from undergrad with a 3.0 GPA but knew that I had to raise that somehow so I did a post bacc program in California. I would highly suggest a post bacc program (but can’t compare to getting masters bc I didn’t do that). I did three semesters of classes and it raised my overall gpa and science gpa to a 3.2. Still not stellar but dental schools are looking for that upward trend. All hope is not lost for you, I would really just do a post bacc for as long as you need to raise your GPA to where it needs to be. I also just took the DAT and would recommend waiting to re take once you’re done with your post bacc. You’ll learn so many new things and it’ll help with the bio section (since post baccs focus on upper division science courses). I used Kaplan and would recommend it to anyone. You can check out my DAT breakdown too if you want more advice on how to study.
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