Apr 9, 2019
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Hello all,
I know there had been many threads like this but I am still really stressed about this. I was wondering if I could get some help/advices on this.
I just graduated my undergrd in bio in spring 2020 from University of Utah, here's are my stats.
Overall GPA: 3.074 including repeats, 3.159 on transcript
Science GPA: 2.903 using university audit, self calculated 3.01, not sure the exact
DAT score: 18 (Planning to retake in August, aiming a 22+)
AA: 18 Survey of NS: 17
Bio: 16 Gen chem: 19 Ochem: 18 PAT: 17 QR: 19 RC: 18

State of Residence: Utah
Undergrad Attended: University of Utah
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Minority? No
Reapplicant? No
Nontrad? No
Volunteer hours: 200+
Shadowing hours: 100+
Unfortunately no research experience yet.
I had a mental breakdown during my 2nd semester of junior year and fall semester of senior year, those gpas were around 2.5. My last semester had a 3.7. So kinda an upward trend but not really.
If I actually got a better DAT in this August, and do more volunteering and shadowing, do you think I will have a chance getting in the next cycle? I am really afraid the 2.9 sGPA is gonna kill me.

Thank you for reading this, if you can give me some advice I would really appreciated!
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Jun 13, 2020
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Hi Sophie! I totally get how you feel...I just graduated from undergrad last month and have been perpetually stressed trying to plan out my dental school apps too! I would def encourage you to consider applying to some masters and post-baccs; with COVID-19, a lot of schools have extended their deadlines to July-August. You can also input these new grades on AADSAS during the academic update periods. Hope this helps!
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Jun 24, 2015
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So I’m confused, what’s your sGPA after calculating it on aadsas, that’s what matters. If it calculates to 3.0 or better then you stand a chance if you can pull your DAT score up. 18 is low, but obviously you knew that. How are you studying for the DAT? You definitely will want at least 20+ in all categories to be competitive. You do not need more shadowing hours and you don’t need research. Do not mention your mental breakdown on your app or in interviews!
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