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DO Low GPA, decent MCAT need help


New Member
Jul 24, 2018

cGPA: 3.15
sGPA: 3.30
MCAT: 514
Clinical: 1 year CNA ~1000hrs
Volunteer: 400hrs
Shadowing: 50hrs
Research: 1 yr, no publications
I was a part of a couple on-campus orgs, no leaderships roles though
KS resident, entering 4th year of school

I understand my GPA is very low and nowhere near the GPA I need to be competitive. I have already decided not to apply this cycle and to take a gap year. I struggled a lot my first two years of school due to illness and mental health problems but I did well my junior year and I am confident I can get 3.75+ my senior year. Still, that does not help me a lot. I also plan to continue shadowing and volunteering (get some non-clinical volunteer hours) during this year as well. I do not plan on taking the MCAT again.

To raise my GPA I am considering doing a one-year masters program or SMP during my gap year, however, I am not set on this idea due to financial reasons but if it helps me get into medical school I will do it.

My main question is: should I do a SMP or apply with the stats I will have after this year?

I realize I better fit the application for DO schools rather than MD so I will mainly apply DO with a few MD thrown in.
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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
A good postbac/certificate program may be good for you instead of an SMP as long as you continue to score well on your upper-level biomed courses. I have no insight on your volunteering to see if it will help you stand out or make you just like every other premed.
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