Jul 21, 2009
So, I've been accepted into Tufts MBS program, the Loyola MAMS program and the UPenn SSP. I'm trying to get as much information as I can about all of them, so I've come to you all for help. Don't let me down!

I went to a good undergrad school, but had a bad GPA, 3.05 cum, 3.11 science. I don't have much volunteer work, but I did get a 35 on my MCAT.

I love boston, and so I'm leaning towards tufts, but I am a little concerned about the lack of stats on med school admission, and about the fact that the program hasn't been around for long.

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews regarding Loyola on here, and honestly don't know much about it apart from the basic information.

UPenn is obviously an SSP, not an SMP. I'm still considering the accelerated tract for it, however, because the reputation of the program is very enticing, as is the fact that all of the classes are nights and weekends, which would allow me to do a ton of volunteer work.

Do you guys have any advice/information/other threads to point me towards?

Cali Anteater

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Jun 12, 2006
New Orleans, LA
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Hey Edges,

Congrats on your acceptance. I was a Tufts MBSer during its inaugural year. From the experiences of my classmates with a similar profile to you (GPA needs work but great MCAT), I think the Tufts program is perfect for you. If you dominate the curriculum, you will get in somewhere. Tufts will likely take you with a good MBS performance. Do you plan on applying this year for Fall 2010?


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Oct 28, 2008
Congrats on the acceptances, I was wondering if you applied or considered applying to the Georgetown/Ohio/Virginia/UCF SMP programs? I have almost identical stats to yours and applying for next year.
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