LSOM 2024

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Feb 19, 2020
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I think if you want to continue residency in the northeast, it may be best to go with Zucker. Both will set you up for competitive residencies but I think location/cost are the biggest factors here.

Nothing to say you can't go back to NE from LSOM though. But for away rotations, location in NE will make it easier for you.
Current matriculant to ZSOM this fall. To address some of your cons, the admin has been really diligent about preparing for both in-person and remote learning, but the expectation is that most, if not all of the curriculum will be in-person. The financial aid is SUPER generous - I came off the WL and received a great package. Also there's a program for medical Spanish if that interests you too!
Im actually from CA, I have extended family on Long Island. My ultimate goal is to match in a mid-sized city outside of the Northeast due to the cheaper COL (Austin, St Louis, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas).

Does this change your recommendation?

Two of those cities are in Texas and most Texas graduates go to texas residencies so go LSOM
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Current student at Zucker here, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

If you're interested in a competitive specialty, don't underestimate how much more additional time for research, networking, shadowing, etc a completely pass/fail curriculum gives you in the first 2 years (half of med school!)

Also, I'm not completely sure about the situation in Texas, but the COVID situation seems to have flipped from what I can tell.