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LUCOM vs Nova KPCOM (Tampa)


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Jul 26, 2016
  1. Pre-Medical
    I've been accepted to both and would like to know your guys' thoughts. Their match rate is both around 93% and COMLEX-I at around 90%. I would really appreciate getting to hear from some LUCOM or KPCOM (especially Tampa) students' personal experiences. It seems like they both provide great teaching on anatomy and have great simulation tools, and money to throw at the school if needed.

    + Felt the faculty was more personable here
    + Takes feedback from students on how to improve classes (Not sure if Nova does the same, if they do then this point is moot)
    + Have heard 1 or 2 instructors write questions for boards so they teach accordingly and help students get good scores
    - OMM could be taught better, but still get good board scores because of above point
    - More rural, the city may have more opportunities

    + Established school with more name recognition (Can this outshadow board results, class rank, and experiences?)
    + Easier commute home to the northeast (only 1 plane)
    - KPCOM has been around for 40 years but despite the extensive experience the match rate and COMLEX-I pass rates are the same as LUCOMs
    + Very big on research (but LUCOM also does provide it as well)
    - Administration discourages taking USMLE. When asked about getting Uworld access through the school, they were denied and told "why would you need that, you're not studying for USMLE you're here for COMLEX"
    -/? Have heard that since they are making the new Tampa location and a new MD location, there have been resources and money leaving to the newer locations and some students are left feeling lacking because of this. I don't know how true this is though
    ? Although the curriculum is the same, Tampa has been around for one year. I don't know if the way they approach the curriculum might be different and it might be the same feeling as attending a brand new med school because they're still getting things in order in terms of how they run things

    I understand that SDN cares a lot that LUCOM is a religious school, that they have an honor code, and that Jerry Falwell is a very interesting man. That stuff doesn't factor into my decision. The tuition doesn't factor in either as I want to go where I will have the most success. I'm also equating the areas equally because as much as I like the beach, I also like picturesque scenic views of nature.
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