MA Programs in NYC & MASS

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Jan 3, 2008
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Hey guys,

Im applying to gen psych programs in NYC and in MASS, I wanted to know if anyone attends a school in those two states, and if so what you doing there and how do you like the program? Im sure this thread will help others that are doing the same and want to hear from those that are in those areas! Thanks!

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I got my MA in Psych (experimental concentration) from Iona back in '02. I was in a combined BA/MA program, so half of my credits were taken while I was still an undergrad.

By this point, I think many of my former profs have moved on (a couple have retired, one passed away). At the time, the department leaned harder towards School Psych and Counseling Psych, but that may have changed. I think they've added a I/O concentration since I've been gone.

The department as a whole pushed people to do individual research as part of their coursework. Many of my classes which had a term paper due at the end of the semester gave you the option of creating a proposal for original research. I think I wound up with three poster credits (two as first author) by the time I left.

Most of my classmates were generally bright, and the profs were both into their own research and very into teaching. To borrow a law school term, I don't remember any "gunners" in my classes.

I would give it a qualified endorsement... the grain of salt being money. I had a full scholarship as an undergrad, which meant it covered my MA classes pre-undergrad commencement. I had a part-scholarship for the rest.

I'll answer pretty much anything else you'd want to know.