Mar 18, 2010
Seattle, WA
Psychology Student
I am pursuing my degree at Antioch University Seattle
They are accredited.
It seems everyone on here is going for PHD OR PSYD.
Right now, all I want is a MA in MFT or MHC
Im trying to decide between the two.
I dont want to teach or do research!!!
I do not want to open my own practice right now, as I am 23 and too young I feel.
I heard that MASTER lvl grads are allowed to do own practice when they get their this correct?

My questions:
Once I finish the MA in Psych with either MFT or MHC
I will have to do post 2 yr hours and then the exam for either LMFT or LMHC.

What kinds of jobs can I expect to get after completing my MA and doing my hours? like MFTi or MHCi?
Will I still be able to find work with just an MA in psych without having my license yet?

As far as deciding what track to take, which is more marketable?
I want to work with eating disorders and drugs as a case manager, etc..
Some family, but mainly individual.
Is MFT or MHC better suited?

I asked these straight-forward questions because everyone it seems wants to do research or lab stuff, whereas I want want to counsel people at a rehab clinic, etc as a case manager, etc.

Thank you.
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