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Apr 14, 2007
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Happy New Year to everyone!

I have a question about wireless internet and macbook.

I use the ATT wireless internet service at home and for some reason, when I'm web surfing with my macbook, I get kicked out a lot. It then requires me to do diagnostics and then retype my password..etc. It is really annoying.

However, I have absolutely no problems with my Dell laptop.

What gives? Any suggestions or recommendations? Am I not setting the config right?



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Jun 12, 2006
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First, please don't use WEP. Use WPA2. Not only can you choose your own password instead of the meaningless number sequence but it is far more secure. Also, there is no $ required or whatever else before the pass.

Second, your wireless is probably set to automatic channel. I recommend you use Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor for your Windows computer (if Vista) or Airradar for your Mac as an app or the Airport Radar widget for your Mac. Once you have those in place monitor nearby networks and choose a channel that is as far away as possible from other network. For example, if someone has a channel 6 network nearby you are going to want either channel 1 or 11. If someone has 1 you can have 6 or 11 (theoretically anything above 6 is best in that case). However, you are likely to see more than one channel nearby if you are in a heavy area. So do your best to avoid the channels with the most congestion. (Or you can be like me and log into the nearby unsecured wireless networks and change their channel if they choose your same channel.) :)

Last, make sure your antennae (if you have any) are pointed in the correct directions and that you don't have any 2.4 GHz cordless phones in your house. What is your signal level you are getting? Do you have a large house? Also make sure you have all of the updates installed on your Mac. Unfortunately there may be a wireless chipset incompatibility between the Airport in your Mac and the wireless router. However, lets hope you can fix the issue. My brother has a MB with the AT&T 2wire modem/wireless router and its fine. (Now, because he actually had his old Linksys wireless router also on and it may have been giving off interference when he was connecting to his 2wire router).
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