MacBook Pro or iPad for optometry school?

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Aug 7, 2019
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I currently have an outdated MacBook Air and I looking to replace it when I go into optometry school.

I like the convience of an iPad but I’m hesitant if it will be able to replace a laptop

Im open to potentially getting both by getting a MacBook Pro and an older model of the iPad

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I got an ipad pro with the pencil and it works great for me for basically everything. I got the new MacBook air only to back up notes and to probably use my flash drive, but the ipad pro is pretty durable and cheaper.
I'm in a similar situation. I have a 2015 air and I think I'm going to keep my air (and continue updating it) and purchase an iPad pro plus the pencil for note-taking. I heard electronic notes are far better than paper notes because it gets to be a lot of paper.
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I’ve been wondering this too! A current student at the school I applied to sent me a message to say she wished she had gotten an iPad instead of a laptop because the iPad + pencil work so much better for notes. Hope that helps!