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Nov 13, 2008
Can anyone Comment?

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Brooklyn/comments/1qzw7b/brooklyn_hospital_hires_criminals_alcoholics_and/

Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY- specifically the Department of Surgery- has a policy of hiring and turning the proverbial cheek when it comes to their Doctors bad behaviour.

Resident Physicians in the Surgery program have been known to physically beat their co-residents ,strangle their girlfriends, operating after doing lines of cocaine, drinking copious amounts of alcohol while on-call at the hospital, and yes- showing up drunk (and late) to work in the mornings. Hell, even the Program Director has a documented record of sexual harassment (google, Patrick Borgen MD scandal) and cheating, leaving his wife of many years to chase tail.

Academic Affairs and the Designated Institutional Officer (Robin Gitman Dickstein) has residents working illegal and unsafe hours, hours which can result in SERIOUS medical Errors. Surgical Residents are logging in up to 110 hours/week- much more than the state and federal limit of 80 hours/week.

Academic Affairs, The Dept of Surgery, as well as Maimonides Medical Centers entire legal team is aware of the surgeons' bad behaviour and exhausting hours but continues to turn the other cheek.

The whole place is corrupt, but more importantly- these people are taking care of PATIENTS. Patient SAFETY is at risk here. Something needs to be done.

Do you want these Doctors taking care of you or your loved ones? Didn't think so.