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Maintenance of Certification


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15+ Year Member
Feb 10, 2002
Pacific Northwest
  1. Attending Physician
For those who are board certified in general and/or a subspecialty have you looked over the new abp requirements? I for one am really confused. :confused: Especially since I'll be taking my specialty boards in a few months. For one, it's now a 10 year cycle to take the recert tests (it used to be 7). So if you plan on holding dual certificates, you take an exam every 5 years instead of Q 3-4. But, there's a ton of activites you need to do in 5 year cycles in order to maintain the certification (self assessment tests, quality improvement learning activities, patient surveys). Thing is I don't even think a self-assessment activity exists for the DB Peds sub-specialty. I was wondering what the attendings in here are able to make out of this, especially for those who are boarded both in general and their specialty.

And uhm... OBP, you BETTER not flaunt your "Permanent Certification" status to all us youngn's. I bet you're feeling like you're on top of the world right now you lucky dog!

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