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Making the final decision between BU, JH, Columbia

Discussion in 'Public Health Degrees (Masters and Doctoral)' started by health career, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. health career

    Apr 9, 2007
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    Other Health Professions Student
    I know some of these things have been posted already but I wanted some help as I try to make my final decision of where to go in the fall.

    I was accepted into the Sociomedical Sciences department in health promotion at Columbia and the International Health MPH program at BU. I also just got into the MHS program at Johns Hopkins in the behavioral sciences and health education.

    I am interested in international health but I have less than a year of experience, so that is why I applied to programs in health promotion and the the behavioral sciences at Columbia and JH because that is my other interest and I have done a lot of work with diabetes. However, I am having a tough time making a decision. Should I go for the MPH becuase it might look better than the MHS when applying for jobs? Should I go to a better ranked school liek columbia or JH?

    I just went to BU, they were so nice there, and I really liked it becuase it seemed like I could concentrate in international health and social and behavioral sciences if I wanted..I liked the flexibility of the program and everyone seems to have good things to say about it. However, I am not quite sure if I want to work abroad when I graduate but the idea of going abroad for the practicum is very appealing to me.
    I am also wondering if I should have applied to the international health program at JH in social and behavioral interventions...but I haven't visited JH yet so I dont know what to think. Is it possible to switch programs there?

    Meanwhile, the students and class I went to at Columbia were good and it seemed easy to get a job in NYC after the practicum. I wasn't sure if i loved the theory part of the health promotion track though but maybe when I was actually applying it it would be really interesting and it would give me good work skills.

    i am also not sure where to live..i have family and friends in nyc, I live in dc currently, but really like boston the city (plus lots of job opportunities)

    does anyone have any thoughts on these schools and programs? i have been really stressed out thinking about this decision.
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