Masters or Post

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Jul 16, 2009
If anyone can help with any information or input, it would be much appreciated. So I just graduated from Virginia Tech as a bio major w/ a horrible gpa, 3.12. I've been doing a research internship at the veterinary medicine lab at UMCP for most of the summer. My plan was to get some research experience, rock my MCATs, and apply to a post-bacc program for next fall. But the professor I've been working with, who is well renowned for his work in immunology, has managed to obtain an NIH grant for me to attend UMCP's veterinary medicine masters program this Fall (even though applications ended May). I would have a lot of freedom in courses I could take, meaning I wouldn't have to take all the veterinarian class. And I could start my own research now, with the potential of a paper being published by the time I was done (it's a 2 year program). The fact of the matter, is that my end goal is Med School and I've been reading a lot of posts online saying post-bacc programs help more because they raise your ugpa, which is what I definitely need. Do I drop this opportunity to study for MCATS and apply by Winter (I've already taken my GRE's so the professor could apply for a grant --1390), should I accept the masters program at UMCP and some how find time to study and take my MCATs at the same time, or should I just stick with this masters program since it's a great opportunity and do a post-bacc after?? Since I heard thesis-Master's programs aren't looked on as favorable by adcoms since it's not hard-science with a med-school like work load. Assuming I can score at least a 32 on my MCATs, would I be able to to get into a competitive SMP? or Should I just be focused on raising my ugpa. I'm pretty lost right now, didn't think the Professor would be able to get me in this Fall. I was hoping I would have till Spring to start, so I could study for MCATs and apply, then start the masters program till I got accepted any where else. Sorry for the long post, any advice?