Master's program vs Post Bacc

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Oct 21, 2020
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Hey yall! Im looking for advice on what program to do for med school pre reqs. My cGPA was 3.27 and my sGPA from a one year stint in bio during undergrad included a failed gen chem course and 3 P/F, so its not great. Also I have very little science experience outside of that. The issues that led to the low GPA have been dealt with so I would be more focused on studies.

In order to help the possibility of getting in to Med school, ideally MD, but would take DO. I need to get my pre-reqs done.

Should I do a one year non thesis masters degree in Biological Sciences or what would be about a 2 year Postbacc program that doesnt give a certificate or anything else.

I like the idea of a masters degree but also I have very little undergrad experience with bio and that I do have didn't go well.

If anyone needs the name of the programs I am looking at I would be more than happy to give them out over DM

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