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Aug 10, 2011
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I had an idea that I wanted to run by everyone. As I have been going through interviews, I have been getting a match list at almost every place. However, when I was looking for them online, I found plenty of schools that didn't post them or they were outdated/hard to find.

What do people think about creating some kind of compilation of match lists on SDN for future applicants or even those who need to make a decision towards the end of this cycle?

I realize many discourage the use of match lists when comparing schools but it seems to me like another data point that can be useful as long as it is taken with a grain of salt and looked at in context. Anyways, if other people are interested in making this happen maybe we can make it a sticky or something that has some kind of links in it to make it easy to find each school.

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Um, yeah there is already one thread like that titled Match List 2014 or something similar. More important to use match lists for is to see patterns. That's what it is best used for -- what specialties are people getting and in what huge numbers? What institutions, etc.?