Match poll/stats for those who applied, matched or unmatched.

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Long Dong, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. Long Dong

    Long Dong My middle name is Duc. 10+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2004
    The Best Coast
    For those about to match we salute you. :horns:

    Please contribute so others with similar stats can gauge themselves when they apply or PM you for advice. I'm sure dermmatch and myself can only answer so many PMs.
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  3. sweatybrain

    sweatybrain Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 24, 2004
    bump for those who matched or not matched this year
  4. dermapplicant

    dermapplicant 2+ Year Member

    Oct 25, 2008
    --Board scores: step 1 250+, Step 2 n/a
    --Clinical grades: Not AOA, 2 honors of 7. I think having stronger clinical grades and AOA would have gone a long way.
    --Med School: Top 25 (I think)
    --Research - PhD in basic science, not directly derm related. I would say average to slighlty above average publication record. Also have been working on a basic science derm research project during my fourth year.
    --# of aways - none. I got mixed advice about doing aways, I decided that my time was best spent doing the research.
    --# of programs applied to: 71. I think this was way too many. I got 17 offers, 15 of them were in the top 30 research oriented programs. I think for MD/PhD, particularly if you are interested in pursuing research, you will do best to focus on research oriented programs. I think I wasted a lot of money on ERAS.
    --# of interviews 17 offers, went on 12. Like I said above, mostly places that put emphasis on research, a mix of 2+2 and non-2+2 programs.
    --Where match: don't know yet.
    --Anything that helps app: Got nice letter from the chairman who is well known. If your application/personal statement focuses on research, know your research well, know the research going on at the institution you are interviewing at well, and have some idea about how your research background will fit at that particular insitution and help you attain your career goals.
  5. dermathalon

    dermathalon 7+ Year Member

    Dec 24, 2008
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  6. opencomedo

    opencomedo Blissfully Ignorant 2+ Year Member

    Nov 4, 2008
    100 miles from nowhere
    --Board scores: step 1 240+ II: 259
    --Clinical grades: Jr. AOA, Honors in all clinical rotations save surgery and fmed
    --Med School: Not top 25
    --Research - 3 basic science pubs (none 1st author, non-derm), 1 derm case report cooking
    --# of aways - 2 clinical, each very different but each worthwhile .
    --# of programs applied to: 768. I agree that you can't ever to too many... I didnt get any interviews outside of my region but I wanted to have the piece of mind knowing I had done all I could do to match
    --# of interviews: 8 offers, went on 8 (somewhat of a blacksheep on this board). Most were at clinically based programs not expecting a huge focus on an academic career....
    --Where match: I don't really care.... I liked them all
    --Anything that helps app: A good personal statement, I received lots of compliments from residents and attendings on the trail... of course letters are important, the stronger the better... I also kind of feel I may have had a better chance at some of the bigger institutions if I had scored 250+ on Step I, but who knows...

    Good luck!
  7. asmallchild

    asmallchild Lifetime Donor SDN Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    Oops, ended up posting this as a new thread instead of a reply here. Let me post it here.

    Time for me to give back. My Match Story:

    -Board scores: step 1 (>250), step 2 (>250)

    -Not AOA: Nominated twice, failed twice. I'm still bitter but it's easier to let it go now that I've matched. AOA helps immensely. So does PhD status

    -Non-name brand school: There are programs that will refuse to interview an applicant based on this. Sucks but true

    -Research: 3 months full time M1 = 1 regional presentation. 9 months part time M2 = nothing to show for it. 1 month full time M4 = 2 articles. Unfortunately, the articles came too late to help me snag interviews. It was mentioned on all interviews though. Bench research + publications = the best kind of research

    -Honors: None. This really hurt. I was a pre-clinical superstar (100% honors) and a clinical dud (100% high pass). I don't care to go into the reasons but needless to say, you do not want to follow in my footsteps. That being said, I still matched. I did honor everything that was derm and important in my 4th year including clinical rotations, research rotations, and path rotations

    -#of aways = 1. Had a great time. I think 1 away is good. 0 would make you feel like you're missing out. And even though it's derm, it is hard to be 100% for a home rotation, an away rotation, and then have to maintain that same effort for yet another away rotation. Remember, these are month long interviews

    -# of programs applied to: Close to all of them, 106. Money well spent

    -# of interviews: 7. Yeah, I wanted more. But if you look at my stats, 7 is pretty generous. I'll admit it was a miserable December when others were rolling in the double digits

    -Anything that helps: You can tell I'm not the strongest applicant ever. But there were some things on my app that helped. Outstanding Step 1 score confirmed with Step 2, sustained excellent performance (I had all honors every year except 3rd year, clearly the pathology wasn't on my end), sustained scholarly activity (research for a month or less is a joke), basic science publications, unique pre-medical school activities including music and athletics, outstanding LOR from a world-famous academic dermatologist (outstanding LORs, in general, help), and an outstanding MSPE (in spite of my 3rd year)

    I am married, I've had a child, and still, matching has made today the best day of my life!
  8. N-Surge

    N-Surge Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2005
    --Board scores: step 1 201 (this is NOT a typo)
    --Clinical grades: Cores rotations all Advanced so far (currently on FM), x3 Dermatology rotations all Outstanding
    --Med School: Not top 25
    --Research: Structural biologist, PhD (went back to medical school), 4 first author papers (e.g. Cell), currently carrying out postdoctoral research on the side, further characterizing the protein systems I work on (including structures I have solved), independently working towards a new class of skin cancer therapeutics (the hope). Will continue research post residency. My research track record also includes a MS in Physics back there somewhere.
    --# of aways: 2. In my opinion I had to do this, not having an academic Dermatology program at my institution.
    --# of programs applied to: 80 Dermatology + 4 IM/Derm. No plan B.
    --# of interviews: 4 (all very different places, one being rated in the top 3 in the nation for medical research, some surprises, well worth the money), went to all 4 (fortunately they didn't overlap), academic heavy, research and clinical aspects equally focused on.
    --letters: 2 from Dermatology program chairs/PDs (my away rotations), 1 from another academic Dermatologist, and 1 from my PhD advisor.
    --thanks you letters: first interview i went over the top and sent paper letters, others were emails (I think this really is a matter of personal taste).
    --programs that contacted me post-interview (pre-ROL deadline): 1 phone call from the top rated research institute.
    --Where match: Where I wanted to go, a place I did an away rotation!
    --Anything that helps app: Do not be discouraged. Find your niche, create one if you must. I was warned by some in my program about going "all out academics", which is what I am all about (clinical, research, teaching, volunteerism...), while others encouraged me to simply be myself (the route I went, I can't fake anything, nor would I want to do so...). Fortunately, some programs saw that I am not pulling their leg. I honestly cannot see myself doing anything other than an academic combination of clinical teaching and basic research for the better part of the rest of my medical life, with Dermatology being the best match for both my clinical and research career goals.

    Have faith, take the leap, pray, and go for it! :)
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  9. Dermguy

    Dermguy 2+ Year Member

    Oct 26, 2008
    --Board scores: step 1 >260; step 2 not available
    --Clinical grades: Mostly Honors, a few High Pass. AOA.
    --Med School: Top 20
    --Research: I was first author on a submitted paper and second author on 4 articles in minor journals. I had done some derm-related basic science stuff right before med school and continued that during school before going on to some clinical research.
    --# of aways: 1. I had a great time at my away rotation, and I think it's helpful to do one. In hindsight, I may have done one more.
    --# of programs applied to: 65 Derm programs. No plan B.
    --# of interviews: 13 interview offers. Was able to go on 10 because of schedule conflicts.
    --letters: 3 from academic dermatologists. 1 from an IM doc.
    --thanks you letters: I sent handwritten notes to my top three programs and an email to my fourth-ranked place.
    --programs that contacted me post-interview (pre-ROL deadline): One email telling me how much they liked me from my #3 place.
    --Where match: My #2. I was really surprised (but happy) to match here because I had gotten NO feedback during my interview and had absolutely NO connection to either the area or the program. I had some sort of connection or very positive feedback from every other program except for this one.
    --Anything that helps app: This process is fairly simple, but it's not easy. Do as well as you can in everything and try to get some good projects. I think away rotations really help, as do connections. If you can make friends with your chair or PD, that will take you a long ways. My school is horribly, horribly UNhelpful to their med students who apply in derm, but you just have to try your best to get connections anyway. For those of you who want to do derm but are afraid to try, I say go for it. In the worst case scenario you list a bunch of prelims at the end of your ranklist and get a prelim out of the way before then taking on your next phase be in Derm, research, another field, staying on at that program for medicine, or something else. Good luck to all the future applicants.
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  10. Iwy Em Hotep

    Iwy Em Hotep The Welcomer 10+ Year Member

    Aug 25, 2004
    I'll bite, if only to give some out there a little more confidence.

    --Board scores: Step 1 230+, Step 2 230+
    --Clinical grades: Mostly HP, some P. I know this really hurt me.
    --Med School: Top 10. This helped, but we had an unusually high number of derm applicants from my school this year (8). We all matched though!
    --Research: Took a year off to do research and was lucky to receive two major research grants. Had ~5 case reports/posters by the time I interviewed.
    --# of aways: 0
    --# of programs applied to: ~70 derm, ~10 IM. Also couples (IM) matched, which made things tough.
    --# of interviews: 6, and my advisor was shocked that I had so few.
    --letters: 1 from chair of derm, one from derm faculty/research, one from epi research mentor, one from IM faculty/research
    --thank you letters: Sent to everyone
    --programs that contacted me post-interview (pre-ROL deadline): One program (not where I matched)
    --Where match: My #1! I was SO happy on match day, since I was nervous that I might get one of my IM choices
    --Anything that helps app: My mentor meticulously went over the details of interviewing, with tips on everything from what to wear to how to act. Being a nice, polite, friendly person goes a long way! Also, it is critical to have an idea of what kind of applicant you are, and what goals you have, because everything on your application -- letters, experiences -- should reflect on that goal and be consistent. Just being a "dermatologist" isn't enough. You know whether you want academics, or want to work with kids, or what to do pathology, or whatever. It'll lead to a better fit when it comes to interviews.

    Most everyone on this trail was AOA, 260+, and I knew going in that I wasn't. I thought about applying last year, but realistically thought that I wouldn't have a shot without more time to define my application and fill it out with publications and great letters from research.
  11. Long Dong

    Long Dong My middle name is Duc. 10+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2004
    The Best Coast
    Good stuff N-surge and Iwy Em Hotep. :thumbup:
    Inspiring to those without 250+ that it can be done.
  12. N-Surge

    N-Surge Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2005
    In line with what Dermguy has already asked, please post stats here so we can try to get a running list for those who are ALREADY thinking about doing aways, getting LORs, and so on... Thanks!
  13. Cheebs09

    Cheebs09 5+ Year Member

    Oct 26, 2008
    --Board scores: Step 1 240+, Step 2 not taken in time (only 1 program asked about this, and requested that I fwd scores when done)
    --Clinical grades: 50/50 H & HP. Honors in medicine, derm. Not AOA, in fact grades from MSI/II were not impressive.
    --Med School: Top 20 w/ derm department
    --Research: PhD - non-derm, 4 basic science publications in decent journals (including JCI, PNAS), had my own grant. Several derm case reports/reviews (1 published, 3 accepted)
    --# of aways: 1 (a top program)
    --# of programs applied to: ~70 derm - I was surprised to get interviews from some unexpected places, and to not get interviews at places that were close to home. I suggest over applying.
    --# of interviews: 30 offers, went on 18 due to conflicts - was told to go on every one that I could and I followed this advice!
    --letters: 1 from chair of derm, one from PhD advisor, 2 from derm faculty. Also had 1 from IM attending that I sent to prelim/tranny programs only.
    --thank you letters: emailed every program director and chair that I met with personally. emailed very few other faculty if I had another connection to them (research/really clicked at interview). emailed within 2-3 days of interview always.
    --programs that contacted me post-interview (pre-ROL deadline): contact from 5 places (3 phone, 2 email), including where I matched
    --Where match: My #1

    --Anything that helps app: I showed my interest in derm by getting involved in derm projects (which led to publications). Also, getting individual grant funding for a project was a plus.
    If you have deficiencies in app (such as my pre-clinical grades), you can make up for them by shining in other areas.
    At the same time, do not get too comfortable with your chances - I was sick to learn that a friend with a similar (if not better) application did not match the year before me. There are a lot of seemingly random variables in this process.

    Good luck to everyone!
  14. HerBigBrownEyes

    HerBigBrownEyes Delores Herbig 2+ Year Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    --Board scores: Step 1 240+, Step 2 260+
    --Clinical grades: All Honors except Psych (still bitter about
    --Med School: not top 20 program
    --Research: 3 month basic science (1 pub), 1 CME article, 2 case reports
    --# of aways: 1
    --# of programs applied to: ~70 derm - "I was surprised to get interviews from some unexpected places, and to not get interviews at places that were close to home. I suggest over applying." agree with whoever said this
    --# of interviews: 11
    --letters: 4, 3 from derm (1 from away rotation, 2 from home program, 1 in IM).....the most impressive letter (and most talked about) came from the least well-known faculty who knew me very well
    --thank you letters: i sent paper thank yous to everyone, but I don't think it mattered
    --programs that contacted me post-interview (pre-ROL deadline): none...and i later found out from my #2 program that I was ranked to match there....goes to show you that if you don't receive contact, it doesn't necessarily mean anything
    --Where match: My #1

    --Anything that helps app: having a unique interest in research in a field of dermatology that is underserved and showing my interest through several publications
  15. scumbagderm

    scumbagderm 2+ Year Member

    Oct 26, 2008
    ~260 on both/AOA
    some volunteer abroad activities
    all clinical honors
    6 derm pubs (cases, CME reviews, book chapters)
    no aways
    wrote occasional thank-yous but not to everybody, just top 10 choices
    applied all/25 offers/went on 18
    no contact
    matched at #17 (derm is derm so I'm happy)

    good luck! Apply broadly and rank All programs you interview at.
  16. asmallchild

    asmallchild Lifetime Donor SDN Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    Impressive! Both the 25 offers and the fact you had to go down to 17 on your rank list! So glad the whole application process is in our rear view mirror
  17. Long Dong

    Long Dong My middle name is Duc. 10+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2004
    The Best Coast
    Mos def, all you future applicants listen to this sage advice.
  18. medstudderm

    medstudderm 2+ Year Member

    Nov 10, 2008
    I was SO nervous about applying to dermatology because of how competitive it is and how even people with 250+'s don't match. Given that my board scores were on the low end of those applying to dermatology, I made sure that my application made up for it in other places. Board scores might get you through the door at some places, but after that its a lot about personality and where you fit at interviews. I probably didnt get interviews at places that screened on board scores alone, but I also got some really great interviews at places I wasnt expecting either. So, dont lose hope.

    --Board scores: Step 1 225 Step 2 235
    --Clinical grades: Honors first and second year overall, mostly honors and high pass in third year clinical grades. junior AOA.
    --Med School: Top 20. Med school def helps, as interviews are very regional because program directors know each other and can put in a good word for you. If you dont come from a top med school, dont worry, just be persistent with away rotations
    -- Research: a masters . I had 2 publications - one original and 1 case report thing
    --# of aways: 2. I applied to 4 places but only got 2 - start early and just bc you dont get one of the aways it doest mean they dont like you because I still got interviews at places I didnt do an away.
    --# of programs applied to: ~70. My advice is to apply broadly because you will get interviews at places you werent expecting and not get interviews some places you thought you were for sure going to get one. A lot of the selection process is luck of the draw and who reads your application - with 500 applications for most programs, some of it is luck.
    --# of interviews: 18. I only went on 16 interviews because 2 overlapped. Even though it was expensive it was very valuable to visit programs to compare/contrast.
    --letters: 1 from chair of derm, one from derm faculty/research, one from derm program director, one from IM.
    --thank you letters: I sent thank you's to the chair of the program and program directors. I also sent thank yous to all of the secretaries for organizing the day. I dont think its necessary to write one to everyone you interivewed with becaust it can be up to 15 people - they all sound the same anyways.
    --programs that contacted me post-interview (pre-ROL deadline): NONE!
    --Where match: My #1! I couldnt believe I matched there - I did an away rotation there but was terrified it was too competitive for me with my board score and all - so its the whole picture!
    --Anything that helps app: I think its important to put some thought into your personal statement and write a good one - My mentor told me focus on your strengths and dont just write the generic "i want to be a dermatologist b/c ....." Try to put stuff in your personal statment that is NOT in your application already - which can be hard to think about but you will find something. I would agree that it is important to be yourself on the applicant trail. Have a good time and make friends because it will be more fun. A lot of people on the interview trail are rockstars who are AOA and 260+ with tons of research and pHd's and some are still rockstars without those numbers - but you have no idea who is who and a lot of people match with both sets of numbers - so be confident with your package but also be humble - and as stressful as it is, you still get to travel to places you havent been, meet fun people, get some GREAT food/drinks, and skip out of clinical rotations.

    Good luck to everyone, and if you ever have any questions about anything you can also ask me and I would be more htan happy to help in any way.
  19. N-Surge

    N-Surge Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2005
  20. N-Surge

    N-Surge Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2005

    Hope to see this fill up post Match. Just 2 months (and a day or so). :)
  21. Long Dong

    Long Dong My middle name is Duc. 10+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2004
    The Best Coast
    For those about to match we salute you. :horns:

  22. asmallchild

    asmallchild Lifetime Donor SDN Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    I echo Long Dong's sentiments. I remember how nervous/excited/awesome/exhilarated/etc I felt at this time last year. Hope everyone has a great match week!
  23. N-Surge

    N-Surge Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2005
  24. sweatybrain

    sweatybrain Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 24, 2004
    bump for everyone!
  25. sweatybrain

    sweatybrain Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 24, 2004
    --Board scores: step 1 265+, Step 2 265+
    --Clinical grades: AOA, honored all third year clerkships except psych
    --Med School: Top 10, I think.
    --Research - PhD, postdoc in immunodermatology
    --# of aways - none.
    --# of programs applied to: 25.
    --# of interviews 18 offers, went on 11.
    --Where match: don't know yet.
    --Anything that helps app: research, publication records (science, cell, etc), letters from three senior and well-known dermatologists who have known me 3+ years, unique life story/hobbies, semi-creative PS that was commented on during 3 or 4 of my interviews. Though they offered, I didn't ask any letter writers to make a phone call on my behalf. (I was vacillating about my first choice until the very last minute.)
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  26. mohderm

    mohderm Chief Resident 7+ Year Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    Livin the dream
    --Step 1 230s, Step 2 240s
    --AOA with all A's in clinical rotations
    --1 published case report, 1 post-presentation at local meeting
    --Very middle of the road school, not top 50
    --2 away rotations
    --applied to 80 programs
    --10 interviews and went to all

    It can be done with <240 board scores and minimal research experience.

    I feel away rotations were key for me
  27. Dermplz


    Dec 23, 2009
    Didn't match first time around and took position out of match second time applying

    --Board scores: Step 1- 229, Step 2- 263
    --Clinical grades: Top Fourth, no AOA
    --Med School: Middle of the road, Very small derm dept
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  28. derm me

    derm me

    Nov 12, 2009
    I matched at my TOP CHOICE!!!
    244 Step 1, 255 Step 2
    Top 10% class, with AOA
    Medical school with a nothing reputation
    Research: Derm with 3 publications
    Honors in 4/6 including surgery and IM
    3 away rotations, not gonna say where, but one at a top program
    Applied to 90 programs
    Received 8 interviews, Matched at Number 1!

  29. annieh123


    Sep 16, 2009
    --Board Scores: 260, 259
    --AOA and class rank: AOA
    --Reputation of medical school: Mid-tier
    --Research: 2 month fellowship after M1 year, 1 pub one poster (non-derm)
    --Honors in clerkships: 4/6
    --# and where you did away rotations: 1 (after interview invite) only had one derm LOR
    --# of programs you applied to: 50
    --Where invited for interviews: 7
    --Where matched: my number 4!
  30. Cirrus83

    Cirrus83 Too old for this 10+ Year Member

    May 31, 2006
    How do so many people have all A's in clinicals? I've had several people tell me that they had honors or A's in every single clinical rotation and it makes me feel like I'm an idiot, lol.

    Anyways congrats to everyone who matched!
  31. SkinNerd

    SkinNerd 2+ Year Member

    May 25, 2009
    OK, I'll reveal:

    Med school: mid-to-top-tier midwest
    Step 1: 236
    Pre-Clinical: about half Honors, another quarter Near Honors
    Clinical: Honors in OBGYN, Peds, Family Practice, Derm, Near Honors in Surgery, Internal Med.
    AOA: just missed. ouch.
    Research: non-derm basic science research with 6 publications, derm clinical research without publication. Post-intern year clinical research fellowship with no publications at time of application.
    Applied: to all programs
    Interviews: 5
    Matched: at #1 choice: top-tier west coast program.

    USMLE and AOA are less important than many would have you think.
  32. MrKite

    MrKite 2+ Year Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    --Board Scores: 248, 273
    --AOA and class rank: AOA
    --Reputation of medical school: Low-to-mid tier
    --Research: PhD in non-derm field, 4 derm pubs-in-process (not published) when applications were due, 3 first-author non-derm papers
    --Honors in clerkships: Honors in Peds, Neuro, Psych, OB, Int Med, Derm, Near Honors in Surgery
    --# and where you did away rotations: 1
    --LOR: 2 from derms
    --# of programs you applied to: 73
    --Where invited for interviews: 17
    --Where matched: my number 2!
  33. sore eye asses

    sore eye asses 7+ Year Member

    Aug 14, 2009
    --Who I am: A dude

    --What I do: ENT

    --My story:

    In my early 20's I was all hopped up on coke and Quaaludes and barbiturates. I was a male stripper, and I won an award for “best lap dance south of Cincinnati,” three years straight. During this time, I actually posed for Netter because I was the only man in America that could do the fabled “lateral glans shift.” That baby earned me a full page spread (4th ed., plate 382), which I consider to be one of my finest achievements.

    Later, my life took a 180 turn, when I met a lovely Irish Setter named Muriel at one of my shows. Though she could not communicate with me using words, it was clear that she wanted me to stop my reckless male whoring and bloodshot-eyed powder parties. How could I deny her? Muriel’s coat was like satin, and her heart was as pure as the driven snow. I decided then and there to hang up my assless chaps for good. My new life’s purpose was to do puppet shows for blind and deaf orphans. Let me tell you, it was not easy going at first. It’s very difficult to keep someone’s attention when they cannot see or hear you, and have been abandoned by their parents. Over time though, I learned to synchronize my laryngeal vibrations so that I could communicate with them sonically, like a dolphin. It wasn’t long before I was delivering classics like The Fountainhead, Anna Karenina, and Winnie the Pooh. The orphans were elated and smiled endlessly, like drunken sailors on shore leave.

    That’s what got me turned onto medicine, and is the reason I am avidly pursuing a career in otolaryngology. I want to train a whole new clan of laryngeal puppeteers to give the next batch of blind, deaf orphans the same shot at being able to enjoy puppet shows.

    --My F'ing awesome stats (read 'em and begin to pee yourself halfway through, guaranteed):

    --Board Scores:
    step 1: so incalculably high it broke the machine that grades them
    step 2: when I sat down at the computer to take my test, the computer displayed a white flag and 3 weeks later I got an email from USMLE saying “we would like to avoid anything resembling the ‘step 1 incident’ with you, so we’re just going to give you a 294 and call it square, ok?”

    --AOA and class rank: I created AOA in my basement, and I’m ranked -12 because I’m better than everyone in my class and at least 12 members of the previous class.

    --Reputation of medical school: not as great as my reputation

    --Research: I analyzed what would happen if you say the F word a lot in mixed company. The results were astounding. I will dual publish in NEJM and JAMA soon, just because they won’t stop bugging me about it.

    --Honors in clerkships: none. I didn’t need to take them. I went from 2nd year to attending.

    --# and where you did away rotations: 2, in my pants

    --# of programs you applied to: all of them (I didn’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt, and I figured that most attendings would want to read at least one great app after reading all your ****ty apps all day)

    --Where invited for interviews: I was the one who sent out invites. A few select programs got emails from me, saying they could come out to my house. I would not pay for their hotel and there would be no pre-interview dinner, so stop asking, you hungry ungrateful bastards!! Ok, I did give the guys from Stanford some ham sandwiches that my mom made and was gonna throw out because the dog wouldn’t eat them.

    --Where matched: your mom’s house

    --Anything that helped your app: Do you have a spare eon for me to tell you?!! I’ll try and summarise so your feeble mind can register the awesomeness: I lift weights, I’m super tough, I drink Gatorade even when I’m not thirsty just to show off how much I can drink, I piss diamonds and crap amethyst, I love orphans and give them piggyback rides for like 10 hours all the time, I’m computer literate, I fight for what I believe in, I fight for what I don’t believe in either, I like to fight, I will fight you and win, I’m an excellent kisser (men, women, and animals all tell me this in their own way), I invented post it notes, I invented Braille, I taught Tiger Woods how to golf and F, I created world peace back in 1913 for 20 minutes but got bored and then told the Germans they were royal dickweeds which pissed them off for like 40 years and we all know how that ended. I did other stuff too, like bury all the dinosaur bones so scientists could tell religious people they’re dumb, and then I told all the religious people that I buried them so they could be sure the scientists would shortly be going to hell. There’s really just too much I could put down here. I will write a book soon about how great I am and all the awesome s h i t I did and will continue to do, and I will call it “I’m awesome and you suck at life.” If you want to find my book, look for it at #1 on the bestseller list for eternity.

    Final thought: I feel like my story is so helpful, that I will create a new unique thread on the board for other people to post comments about how great they think I am and maybe try and compare their story to mine but fail miserably.
  34. Dermit


    Dec 3, 2009
    Step 1: 250+; step 2 unavailable during application process
    Grades: All honors except in one clinical rotation
    School: Top 10
    AOA: yes
    Research: no publications [yes, you read that correctly], but I did have/do have publications that should be coming in over the next few years; I did do research, but none in derm.
    Aways: 1 away rotation
    Other: I had significant volunteer/service activities and a really good relationship with my home department.

    Applications submitted: >80.
    Interviews offered: >25.
    Interviews attended: Somewhere between 15-20.
    Matched: #1
  35. kralwok

    kralwok 2+ Year Member

    Sep 4, 2008
    I am a reapplicant. Applied in 2007 and took some time off to do research.

    Step 1: 240+
    Step 2: 260+
    Step 3 (yes, step 3, ugh): 240+
    Grades: honored 1/2 of my 3rd year clerkships, all courses 2nd year, 1 course 1st year, 1/2 of my 4th year cleakships
    School: middle of the road
    AOA: nominated twice, did not get for some reason despite top 10-15% of class
    Research: yes, also multiple derm publications mostly case reports/reviews
    Aways: 1 away rotation in 2006
    Other: master's degree and significant life/work experience, i consider myself a very "real/genuine" person and don't do well in situations where i have to toot my own horn/brag about my accomplishments - that is just not me, which makes interviews difficult.

    Applications submitted: all programs
    Interviews offered: 5 (vs. 9 last time); actually i guess i had 6 interview offers b/c i had an interview offer in february for another spot outside the match
    Interviews attended: 5
    Matched: outside the match
  36. Cirrus83

    Cirrus83 Too old for this 10+ Year Member

    May 31, 2006
    Thank you! I think I was about to have a hemorrhagic stroke seeing almost only AOA 250+ PhD people succeed. Every day I'm worried about trying to honor my IM rotation (put it dead last so I could build up my clinical skills beforehand) and today I was even more worried because I'm apparently the only student at my assigned hospital and since so few people have been there I have no clue what it's like. Sorry for posting my neuroses here, but I wanted to say thank you for saving my psyche this weekend :luck:
  37. dermmie


    Mar 19, 2010
    --Step 1: 247, Step 2: 249
    --AOA: none
    --Reputation of medical school: top 50
    --Research:1 year derm research, 4 derm publications
    --Honors in clerkships: 2/6 (Psych, OB/Gyn)
    --# and where you did away rotations:1
    --# of programs you applied to: 85
    --# of programs you interviewed at: 12
    --Where matched: #1
  38. dermie2010


    Oct 14, 2009
    --Step 1: 260+, Step 2: 270+
    --AOA: yes
    --Reputation of medical school: top 30
    --Research: non-derm, no publications
    --Honors in clerkships: peds, medicine, surgery, psychiatry, neurology
    --# and where you did away rotations: 1
    --# of programs you applied to: 40
    --# of programs you interviewed at: 11
    --Where matched: #1
  39. tennisballs

    tennisballs 5+ Year Member

    Nov 20, 2009
    Step 1 > 250, Step 2 > 250
    AOA: no
    Med school: top 40 with very strong derm program
    Research: 4 pubs, presented at SID and AAD
    Honors in clerkships: surgery, sub-I medicine, sub-I surgery
    LOR: 3 derm letters from very well-known attendings (I read the letters, they were really good)
    # of aways: 2
    # of programs applied to: 100
    # of programs interviewed at: 10
    where matched: didn't match
  40. Chemiosmotic

    Chemiosmotic 2+ Year Member

    Feb 26, 2008
    Overall, I feel VERY blessed.

    --Board Scores: Step 1 Mid 240's, Step 2 Low 250's
    --AOA and class rank: AOA
    --Reputation of medical school: Low to Low-Mid Tier. No home Derm residency.
    --Research: A few. 1 published after ERAS submission, 2 Submitted/under review during application season. 2-3 projects that are currently in the planning stage. 1-2 Non-Derm poster presentations/publications, a few research experiences that ultimately did not result in publications.
    --Honors in clerkships: 4/6
    --# and where you did away rotations: 2
    --# of programs you applied to: 100+
    --# of interviews: 9
    --Where matched: No. 1
    --Anything that helped your app: I second-looked 3 of my top 5 programs. I was very honest and upfront with all letters/visits/email correspondence, letting only my No. 1 program know that they were my No. 1. I also had my advisor send an email to the PD of my No. 1 only. I told my other top 3 that I really loved their program but did not put a number on it or say that they were "at the top of my list". I sent thank-you notes to all my programs/interviewers. I had a lot of leadership experiences, extracurricular activities, but no Masters/PhD.
  41. moinmoin

    moinmoin Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 10, 2003
    Sorry, dude. Stories like these make me sick about applying next year, especially since I'm a pretty similar applicant to you (but with slightly lower board scores). Best of luck to you man.
  42. ShaveBiopsy

    ShaveBiopsy 2+ Year Member

    Jan 28, 2009
    --Board Scores: 250+, 270+
    --AOA and class rank: AOA
    --Reputation of medical school: Mid, lower tier
    --Research: ~12 pubs total, 8 derm
    --Honors in clerkships: 3/6
    --# and where you did away rotations: 2, didn't get interviews from either
    --# of programs you applied to: over 100
    --Where invited for interviews: 9
    --Where matched: my number 1!
  43. Mr FancyPants

    Mr FancyPants 7+ Year Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    Epic can I possibly be the first to comment on how awesome this is?
  44. MrEd10


    Mar 21, 2010
    --Board scores: step 1 250+
    --Clinical grades: AOA, Honors in all pre-clinical courses and clinical rotations
    --Med School: Top 25??
    --Research - 3 case reports submitted at time of applications
    --# of aways - 3
    --# of programs applied to: 69
    --# of interviews: 17, went on 13
    --Where match: 9!!!!!!
    --Anything that helps app: Away rotations are the key.

    Glad I matched and do not have to deal with this crap again :)
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2010
  45. sore eye asses

    sore eye asses 7+ Year Member

    Aug 14, 2009
    Dear Mr FancyPants,

    You're an american sweetheart. thank you for your kind words.
  46. noname27


    Mar 22, 2010
    I have been a few time browser of this forum but first time poster. I'm a transfer from another comeptitive specialty, and I stopped looking at this forum back in Dec when people had like 200 interviews and were trying to decide to cancel harvard or ucsf b/c of interview conflicts, or had 290+++ board scores and 0 interviews. Just recently thought I would check back in after match and see how things went.

    Anyways, I would give up my recently obtained out of the match spot to be in res w u sore eye asses. Your recent post was the best ever, i just about choked to death..... But then again u will prob be at 27 programs and use your completely self generated newly built underground derm railway light system to get back and forth between programs; so we'll prob do some time together anyhow. Hope to see ya around. Are u gonna let us know where u matched/ which program u are at? Let me guess u r a PD or an attending?? Even better, hope I get to work with u one day. Otherwise c-ya in NOLA 2011???:laugh:
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2010
  47. IzzyMD09

    IzzyMD09 10+ Year Member

    Mar 21, 2006
    --Board scores: step 1 230+
    --Clinical grades: Several honors and exemptions in 1st and 2nd year in basic sciences, honored all anatomy courses and then taught anatomy as a teaching assistant during third year to second years. Clinical Honors in Neurology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Surgery
    --Med School: Israeli Foreign Medical School with a sort of Columbia Collaboration but when it boils down to it....not really
    --Research - 1 case report submitted at time of applications 3 poster presentation, 1 abstract/oral presentation (presentation at major conferences in US and Israel), 1 year of clinical research with over 1400 hours of clinical experience and work on over 14 clinical trials
    --# of aways - 4 (5 if you count the year of research which also was away) honored most of the aways
    --# of programs applied to: Every single derm, med/derm, peds/derm program I could find
    --# of interviews: 1....the Only 1
    --Where match: #1 Spot, program is awesome and Im super psyched
    --Anything that helps app: Be hard core derm, do everything derm, not just research, make it your world, if you really want to do derm, it should be anyways, do the research, meet the people, connect with your patients, write up interesting cases, even if it doesnt get published, go to lectures, presentations, read about other peoples research...

    Aside from that as mentioned in another post, kick butt in all of your endeavors, be they extra-curricular or otherwise, dont slack off in any of your interviews, you never know who you may meet, impress, or disgust....

    Good Luck to all
  48. utahgirl89


    Feb 12, 2010
    AOA = american osteopathic association?????????
  49. mohderm

    mohderm Chief Resident 7+ Year Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    Livin the dream
    You are correct, but not in this situation.

    AOA= Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society...........Most schools offer it but it is up to the individual chapter as to the selection criteria. At my school it is typically the top 10% of the class, but there are also other parts to the app such as faculty evals, etc
  50. utahgirl89


    Feb 12, 2010
    Thanks!! lol

    What can I do as a pre-med student to get into a derm residency? can anyone give me tips?

    i see that lot of people have Phd's and research but I only have bachelors and going straight to DO school. When should I conduct research because i know the first year all we do is study like crazy!!!!!!!!!!
  51. MrEd10


    Mar 21, 2010
    You can still get into a Derm spot if you are a DO. It has been done and will continue to be done.


    The chances are very slim.

    So, knowing that, you have a few options:

    1. Research - great for MD programs
    2. Aways - From what I have heard talking to my DO friends, the only way to get a DO spot.

    Good luck

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