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Aug 13, 2009
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Hey all,

I am teaching a DAT prep class at my university and find it really hard to teach when considering the addition of the calculator to the DAT Quantitative Reasoning Section.

When I took the DAT last May (2009) there was no calculator and the math was pretty basic, it followed what I saw in Kaplan, Ace the Dat, Top Score Pro etc.

-So has anyone taken the DAT recently with the "new" format with the calculator and also taken the DAT before it had the calculator available and can compare them? In any qualitative or quantitative way?

I ask because I would imagine, to "re-standardize the scores" of the DAT they would have to make the math harder to compensate for the calculator. Also, the newer kaplan and ace the dat tests and materials are pretty much based off of previous "no calc" tests.

Any info on the subject would be most appreciated.