Math requirements for Med School?


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Nov 13, 2012
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Can anyone tell me if pre calculus and calculus I, is a REQUIREMENT or a PRE-REQUISITE for medical school? I've already satisfied my 9 credit hours of math for my undergrad in Biology( which includes statistics). But is it necessary to take pre-calculus and calculus I, as well?

Any guidance would be grateful. Thnx!!!
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Apr 8, 2011
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I was accepted to three schools with only one quarter of calculus. One school recommended an additional statistics course, but I didn't have it and still was accepted.

There were a few schools where they required more math, so I would have had to take some math classes before matriculation. And there were a few schools where I crossed them off my list of schools to apply to because of the math requirement.

If you have a year of college level math, including some stats and some calculus, you should meet the requirement for every US allopathic medical school. Although, on second thought, I think Harvard may have required a year of calc, but that may be going away.

Stay focused on what you want. Keep your nose clean and don't do anything that will get you a criminal or institutional action on your record. Do as good as you can in all of your classes. Try to get mostly As. Do things that you like to do to help your application. Good luck.

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