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Oct 6, 2003
London, Ontario
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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew when Mayo would be notifying everyone about their final status ie whether waitlist, acceptance or rejection. Also, will that come by email?

Thanks for your help!


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Oct 27, 2003
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I've talked to the Admissions Office a couple of times, and I have heard confusing messages. I have heard that we will know our status by the 15th, but I have also heard that the waitlist will be formed by April 1st. I think we can safely assume that if we don't hear anything by Monday (15th), we are either waitlisted or rejected. I was told they are only going to keep about 60 on the waitlist and everyone else is rejected.... so about 60% of those who interviewed end up getting a rejection.

At this point, I'm just hoping to be on the waitlist. I'm not sure how we'll hear from them, but they have used email extensively so far...


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Mar 1, 2004
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this is what I had gotten from Cindy

The next status for you will be a hold status or appointment. By March 15th the class will be determined and you will be notified of your status:
appointment, alternate list or rejection status.

She also told me in another email that they hoped to have an Alternate List by April 1st.

There's another thread running around somewhere about Mayo...

I will let you guys know when I hear anything! Please do the same and best wishes to everyone
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