MBA vs. Research paper

Discussion in 'Radiology' started by newdude, May 6, 2007.

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    I am interested in rads and wanted to know which would look better when applying for residency.

    Having an MBA with no research at all during medical school, or having a publication in radiology field.

    Please let me know
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    What DOESN'T look good is doing something just because you think it will help you get into radiology.

    If you are going to do research, what kind of research is it? Basic science? Clinical? Case review?

    Medicine is more and more like a business. The insurance companies and HMO's have MBAs working for them. An MBA can be invaluable to a radiology group (but not necessarily to a residency). Where will you get your MBA? MBA programs are a dime a dozen. Are we talking on-line 'executive' MBA or are we talking Wharton, Sloan, Harvard, etc? If its the former, don't waste your time.

    Bottom line, don't be a poser-- we can see right through it during the interviews. It really doesn't matter what you do as long as you have a sincere interest in it. It will show in your work and that will help you no matter what you decide to do. You really don't have to be a research prodigy to get into rads. You don't necessarily need it to get into a top program either.

    Good luck.
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  3. fedupme

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    If I had been you, i would have opted for doing research & that too in radiology. I'm sure it will help. I dont think there is anything wrong in trying to improve your chances in a preffered field. thre's nothing wrong in asking for an opinion. Lets not be judgemental!:cool:

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