Jul 25, 2015

Sorry to be that guy but what do you think I should do about my score?

First time I got 509:
PS 129
CARS 128
BS 127
P/S 125

But disappointed with P/S and because I went into the exam with four hours of sleep (my performance went down with time), I decided to retake a few months later.

Second time I got 511:
PS 131
CARS 123 !!!!!
BS 128
P/S 129

I've already sent everything in (primary, secondary).
What will the adcoms think and what could I do? science GPA 3.99. non-science GPA 3.98. It sounds so bratty to say this, but I don't want to hold anything back: I've applied to many competitive schools.

It's so nerve-wracking.

All feedback is welcome but hopefully someone with credentials (previous adcom or someone with experience handling these things) will respond too :)