MCAT Berkeley Review Books, EK 1001 Series, PR MCAT workout

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May 7, 2009
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Here's what I have - All the BR books, EK 1001 questions for Physics, Gen Chem, Organic Chem, and Bio, and a princeton review MCAT workout book.

**BR books and EK 1001 Bio, EK 1001 Chem are sold**

EK organic chem has no writing. I would like to sell it for 17$ plus shipping.

EK physics has a few questions completed (it's around 50 questions), and other than that, there is no writing in it. I'd like to sell it for 15$ plus shipping.

Princeton Review MCAT Workout "Extra practice to help you ace the test". I bought this at Barnes and Noble, and I never used it. Retail price - 23$, I'll sell it for 17$ plus shipping.

Let me know if you are interested and want more info. And good luck with your studying :)
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