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Jun 5, 2010
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Prices are net to me (does not include shipping or paypal). Priority goes for those who buy complete sets. All books are in very good to excellent conditions with few marks 1~2% (none in practice exams/ questions)

ExamKrackers Study Complete Package 7th edition- $100
Includes: Bio, Physics, Orgo, Chem, Writing + Verbal, Practice Exam
(Physics, Bio, and Orgo, Writing+ Verbal are brand new since I didn't get to use them at all)

ExamKrackers 1001 series (bought new this summer) - $110
includes: Bio, Physics, Orgo, Chem, 101 Verbal
(Physics, Bio, and Chemistry are brand new since I didn't get to use them at all)

Kaplan Review Notes (from course this summer)- $90
Includes; bio, Physics, Orgo, Chem, Verbal
Some markings in review, zero in question/answer area

Prices include shipping.

edit: please PM if interested. I don't check this thread too often.

NOTE: THE CONDITION OF THE BOOKS ARE 95%-100%. Half of them are brand new since I didn't even use them. The Editions are NEWEST EDITIONS. No Marks on questions or exams, SOME marks on some of the review notes. Please do not contact me for the conditions of the books as I have clearly stated them here.
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