MCAT Examkrackers and TPR

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May 7, 2011
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EDIT: Crossed out sold books

I've got a collection of MCAT material that I want to sell. For the most part, I will sell these on a first come first served basis, but I will give preference to people looking to buy multiple items from me. Things that are marked as a set need to be purchased as a set (will not break up into individual items).

All prices include USPS Media Mail shipping (they say 2-8 day shipping times for this). For now I'm not interested in negotiating prices. If you really need something in a hurry, we can talk about other shipping methods and costs, but I'd prefer to stick with media mail as it's easy for me and cheap for you. I prefer payment to be through paypal. Checks take too long. If you absolutely have to pay through check, we can probably make that work but I won't ship until the check has cleared.

If you live in Seattle, we can arrange to have you come pick up the books at my house instead of shipping.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these, please PM me. Please include your e-mail address and I will reply to your PM via e-mail

Examkrackers boxed set 7th edition (sold as set)
  • Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Verbal Reasoning & Math Techniques
Price: $80
Condition: Writing in pencil in all books

Examkrackers 1001 questions books
  • 1001 questions in biology
  • 1001 questions in organic chemistry
  • 1001 questions in general chemistry
  • 1001 questions in physics
Price: $12 each
Condition: Writing in pencil in all books.

TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook (2003)
Price: $50
Condition: 72 total passages, 2 of which have marks in pen/highlighter. The rest are blank. Note that this workbook is from the old version of the MCAT where passages were longer and contained more questions per passage. I still think it's a good resource for quality passages and questions.

TPR Hyperlearning classroom books (2003) sold as set!
  • Biological Sciences Review
  • Physical Sciences Review
  • Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review
Price: $50
Condition: Small amount of highlighting and pencil writing

TPR MCAT Physics and Math Review (2010)
Price: $25
Condition: Writing in pencil, coffee stain of first few pages (but these are just index pages, no big deal)
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