I've been studying for the mcat for 3 months. I have it scheduled for the 23 of this month. I've just gotten to the point where I think i'm going to barf if I study anymore. Granted, i don't have everything down... In fact I think i'm far from it. I'm not learning anything more either... i just look at the pages. any ideas?


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Apr 7, 2010
SN2ED do you have any suggestions for me if i plan on HARDCORE studying may 1st with nothing else to do until june 17 when my date is. i know its less than three months but im not afraid of getting burnt out. Ive studied on and off since Jan, and I took the kaplan class and still have all the online materials + books although i havent really done much, EK (gone through some), and was considering getting TBR. What should I do?