MCAT materials extraganza (Gold Standard, Examkrackers, TBR, TPR)

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Dec 26, 2006
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So both my sister and I have a lot of materials that we've bought over the years and now it's time to jump ship with all these materials.

So the entire TBR package I'm selling is the entire brand new home study package. No highlighting etc. 2010 version. For 250.00, i will bargain only a couple of dollars on this. We spent over 350.00 (295+ shipping) so you are getting a good deal on that.


I'm selling OLD TPR hyperlearning materials I bought from someone else on these forums, they are from 2005, but they are still in decent condition and the material virtually hasn't changed and they are still good for CBT use. This will come out to be a cheap price and bargaining is available.


I'm selling Gold Standard DVD's, the only caveat is that the chemistry of 2 dvd's is gone. So i'll sell this for a cheap price.

I'm selling all 4 1001 examkrackers books for 75.00 (some of them have pen markings, pencil markings here and there, but they aren't going to distract you at all).

In negotiation

I'm selling beatup examkrackers series books, new edition for 45.00 for each set.

In negotiation

I have the new AAMC MCAT student guide which I will sell for 20.00


I will sell other books a la carte (SOLD). If you are curious about the condition or the other books I have pictures if needed.

email me at [email protected]
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Jul 8, 2010
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Hi. I'm interested in the Gold Standard DVDs. Just to confirm, is this the complete series minus the Chemistry portion? How much are you selling them for? Thank you!
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