Apr 7, 2020
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Hi all, I have a few quick questions about what types of question banks and practice materials I should use.

I currently plan on using/ have:
For content review: Kaplan 7 book set, Khan Academy videos, MileDown's ANKI set
For practice questions: all of AAMC's available questions (section banks, question packs, etc.), UWorld, Khan Academy passages, Jack Westin CARS (not the questions, just the passages)
FL's: 10 Kaplan (probably will only use 2-3 of these), 4 AAMC + sample test, 1 Next Step

Do you think I should purchase access to more practice questions? I know everyone says that's the most important part aside from FLs. I was thinking of getting the Next Step Qbank if I do add more. I understand that no third party's material is going to be perfectly representative but I'm worried about running out of practice questions. I don't want to use up all of the UWorld and AAMC content too quickly because I plan on spending the later part of my prep time focusing on practice.

In terms of FL's, is it worth purchasing 4 more Next Step exams? I've heard their exams are the most similar to AAMC. I have access to a ton of Kaplan FL's but it sounds like their exams aren't very representative and I don't want to do too many from one company. I'd like to take 10-12 FL's total so if I buy the Next Step 4 pack I'll probably do 5 AAMC, 5 Next Step (including their one free FL), 2 Kaplan.

Thanks for your help!


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Apr 25, 2019
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This should be more than enough. You don't need more full length exams unless you're planning to study for a really extended period of time. I would say what you have now should be enough for at least 3-5 months.

Kevin W, MCAT Tutor
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