mcat prep vs oat prep


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Sep 18, 2008
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Has anybody ever found mcat prep materials to be a better review for the OAT than actual oat materials? Ive heard of a lot of people doing this and wanted to see how prepared they felt.
Also, has anybody ever taken the Kaplan, Princeton, or Berkeley Review on the mcat to prepare themselves for the oat?

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I prepped with MCAT stuff for the OAT and I did alright. There are slight differences in the MCAT prep material compared to the OAT prep material.
The first biggest difference in terms of curricula is that OAT covers in detail alot of aromatic reactions for Orgo.
The second biggest difference is the depth with which the OAT expects you to know about evolutionary biology and histology compared to the MCAT.
Good luck.
i used the princeton review books to study and did pretty well. just make sure you study all the topics that are on the OAT (by reading up on the internet or using other textbooks) because the mcat doesn't cover things like evolution, ecology, etc.
Im sure some questions will be similar, but you should probably still invest in the kaplan OAT practice book or something, just to see how the questions compare at the very least.