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Apr 24, 2012
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Please email me at [email protected] WITH a bid :)

The Princeton Review - Current
Full Set- General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Verbal
-Brand New

Berkeley Review - 2010-
Bio (2 Chapters have some notes written in margins)
Chem (same as bio)
Physics (Part I has notes in margins+highlighting. Part II has a little bit of penciled in writing)
Organic Chem

Exam Krackers
Biology content "7th edition"
MCAT 101 Verbal Passages - Tests 1-4(partially) are written on. Tests 5-14 are BLANK.
1001 Organic Chem- Page 1-24: every 3rd question is done. The rest of the book is blank.
1001 Physics-Total 5 pages have some writing on them. Rest is blank.
1001 Chem p.48-63/every 3rd question marked. p.79-96/every 3rd question is done. Answer key was pulled out of the book because I found this more efficient when checking answers. (but you will get the answer key)

The Princeton Review Hyperlearning 2009 edition
7 Practice Passages blank. 4 tests have writing.

NOVA Physics Book- A few pages have notes/highlighting. Bottom of book is a bit crinkled (raindrops got on them), but no text bled and everything is completely legible

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam
Brand New- Bought 2 weeks ago. I did 3 passages. Rest is blank

Full Kaplan Set
Bio, Orgo, Chem, Physics, Verbal

*I'll throw in additional MCAT passages and study aides that I picked up. (I took the MCAT very seriously and bought/attended countless prep courses)

Please e-mail me at [email protected] WITH YOUR BID. Thanks!
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