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Apr 26, 2002
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I was wondering if anyone knows what i have to do to get my $100 refund. I registered for the april MCAT and didn't take it. Thanks.


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Jan 17, 2001
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If you read the MCAT registration booklet available at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

it says:

If you submit registration materials to the MCAT Program Office and then, for whatever reason, do not attend the test, you are eligible for a partial refund of your registration fee. Once you have broken the seal of the first test booklet on
test day, you are regarded as having attended the test and are not eligible for a refund. Even if you do not complete all four sections of the test or you void your answer documents, you have attended for test administration purposes and are not eligible for a refund. The maximum refund for the regular registration fee is $100.00.

Additional fees paid for a Sunday test center or for late registration are not refundable. Refunds will not be issued to candidates who were registered for foreign test centers.

Refund requests must be postmarked no later than 60 days after the test date on your Admission Ticket. Extension of this deadline will not be granted under any circumstances.

You should receive your refund within 90 days after the test date. To obtain a refund, write ?REFUND? across your unused Admission Ticket. If you paid your fees by credit card and
wish to have the refund credited, please write the credit card number and expiration date on the Admission Ticket. Otherwise, the refund will be issued in the form of a check payable to you. Please also indicate a change of mailing address, if necessary. Mail your unused Admission Ticket

Refund Request
MCAT Program Office
P.O. Box 4056
Iowa City, IA 52243-4056.
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