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Here is a collection of MCAT study guides, tips and advice provided by helpful members on SDN forums. Some of the threads may be old but they apply well for MCAT 2015 (especially verbal/CARS strategies and tips of maintaining focus and confidence on test day). This directory will be regularly updated with new resources.

General Strategies

Good scores can be achieved inexpensively by using excellent self-study plans. StudySchedule is an SDN supported resource that provides a customized daily MCAT schedule quickly for free. The following are additional study plans provided by SDN members.

MCAT 2015 Strategies

Thanks to @mcatjelly @_Nymeria_ @MeVamp @Next Step Tutor @BerkReviewTeach @smtrinidad @littlebear92 @jballantine @KoalaT @Pakora @aldol16 @MemeLord @otterxavier @hubbsbubbs @mcatmatt @GoodLuckDolphin @BryanBeid @Kpw101 @INMYZONA @capenn16 @FutureDrOcean @samosamosa @dagnydominque2012 @Cornfed101
Pre-2015 (Old) MCAT Strategies

Thanks to @SN2ed @Spinach Dip @BerkReviewTeach @LostInStudy @Jepstein30 @fergusonian
Specific Strategies

These strategies are tailored towards specific sections on the MCAT.

Verbal Strategies

Thanks to @SN2ed @TestingSolutions @KoalaT @begoood95 @curvesetter @MikeS 78 @QofQuimica @BloodySurgeon @Vihsadas @PanRoasted @Eddie Chahar @theyellowking @Icebird
Science Strategies

Thanks to @QofQuimica @Shrike @BerkReviewTeach @curvesetter @theonlytycrane
Other Strategies

Additional strategies not mentioned elsewhere are provided below. Thanks to @MCAT-MVP @sbook2 @mcatmatt @SN2ed @Singerpremed
Additional Resources

This section consists of free outside resources that can be valuable for MCAT preparation. A highly recommended resource is Khan Academy, which has numerous videos and practice passages for all MCAT 2015 sections (also see: Khan Academy Passages Organized by AAMC Content Category and Khan Academy Passages in AAMC Format) Some more resources are categorized as follows.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Threads

Below is a list of MCAT Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads sorted by start date.
SDN Articles

The following articles published on SDN offer some useful strategies and tips that can be helpful when studying for the exam.
Daily MCAT Practice

Here are some resources for quick daily MCAT practice.
Gold Standard Resources

Thanks to @mcat prep for the free resources.
I hope you find this useful! I will continue updating this thread with more MCAT strategies and resources.

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August Update: Added several links to the first post. Also note that some of the strategies may contradict others. There is no one right way to approach the exam since MCAT studying is a personalized approach. Use these guides and resources as general references to help you with your studying.
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What approach did you use for each section (CP, CARs, BB, and PS) and find most helpful?