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I'm not naturally smart or nothing I just want to go to med school realy bad, so I know I had to work for it. Some people have p.m.ed me and asked about my study habits, I figured I might as well share it w/ everybody. This is what worked for me and maybe it well help you guys. My stats are in my profile, and I just got accepted this week, so here goes:

Okay let me give you the complete details. I'm not naturally smart so I started in Oct. planning for the April mcat, I did this because with my mediocre gpa I knew I needed a good mcat. I had a friend, who took the kaplan course and photocopied all their practice full lengths exams 6 total, and all the practice passages tons of stuff and I did it all at least twice. The princeston review material I took the course and did their passage work books and about 11 full length exams. I did the work book at least twice and all the full lengths once. I had a friend took Berkeley review and got a hold of 1O of their full length practice exams and did them all once. I didn't time myself on any of these full length exams I just did them slowly and tried to learn from them. Before the April mcat I did the aamc practice mcats, one on Sat. and one on Sun. for 3 weeks, all 6 of the aamc practice test total. These I did timed and found 3-6 to be the closest to the real thing, and 1-3 to easy and outdated material. If you do this, there well be nothing on the mcat you wouldn't have already seen at least once before, after having done all this material. The sci. sections on the mcat are like math problems, if you do 2X2 enough 4 well come to you really quick. Verbal is another story, I sucked at it, but this should get you threw the sci. Oh and they might change some of the bio to have more genetics this coming year, but I think all of this material should cover all your bases. Someone asked where to get the aamc practice full lengths, if you didn't know you can get it on mcat website. I hope this helps.
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