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Jun 27, 2005
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Is anyone taking the MCCEE in 2007? How are you guys going about studying? I've been using a combo of Toronto Notes + Kaplan.
If anyone's taken it recently, could you post your experience, what are the questions like?



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Aug 16, 2006
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Try the online (pay) self MCCEE tests on www.mcc.ca. Apparently some of the questions are repeats from old exams. There are old exams out there also with some repeat questions - ie I took the MCCEE, on paper, in 2002 and some of them were repeats from a published (early) 199X official practice paper - I have since given mine away as I didn't need it after I obviously passed (yes I am in a residency program back home).

There are others here on this forum and at your home university who should have practice exams out there (if they say they don't, chances they are lying :mad: ), but if not, study a bit and check in every so often on the MCC website to do a practice EE exam on your road to doing the test.

Good luck!
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