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MCP Hahnemann clinicals

cardiac chick

Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 5, 2002
I had two questions for any graduate of the MCP Hahnemann program:

Did you find that 6 clinical and 2-three month primary care preceptorships covered a wide enough variety of training experiences, or do you feel that it is better to do more clinical experiences(albeit shorter time blocks)? Did you have a lot of choices for the 2 primary care preceptorships and was it logistically difficult to have to relocate for this?
I would appreciate any input on this. Thanks!


Global Doc (DHSc)
Aug 26, 2001
Taking an Away team....
  1. Post Doc
I am a grad from the hahnemann program. the rotation and preceptorship schedule there allows for quite a bit of flexibilty. although they offer no electives, every clinical experience has a wide variety of options. for instance if you want to do emergency medicine you can do trauma surgery for surgery, peds ER for peds, emergency psych for psych, etc.
if you wanted to do ob, you could bias all your rotations that way; ob surgery, etc
the preceptorships are all over the east coast and you can do 2 in fp/IM or 1 fp/IM amd 1 ER.
I did 3 away rotations so I did not have to relocate for the preceptorships. best of luck-e
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