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Mar 15, 2005
Hello all, I have been following the pre-pharmacy posts for several months now and finally decided to register because I have a question. I was accepted to MCV in late December and have already paid my deposit to attend classes this fall. My problem is, is that I have now been accepted to ACP accelerated program which starts this May. I thought I really wanted to go to ACP but I had settled with MCV because I hadn't heard anything from ACP until just last week. I would be nice to go to Albany since I will finish in 3 years but I am not sure if I can move so quickly (from Northern Virginia to Albany, NY). Any advice?


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Mar 18, 2004
Squint your eyes and look closer.
bbmuffin said:
I'm assuming you're talking about the schools in VA....

on that assumption i would go to MCV hands down.

Reasons for me:
ACP- not accredited
MCV- accredited
ACP- Grundy
MCV- Richmond
ACP- no building
MCV- building
ACP- 3 years
MCV- 4 years

Rotation Quality and established:
MCV- estabilished
ACP- not many area pharmacies/hosptials not established

I'm from the area around grundy..... My cousin attends law school there.... I personally have several questions about the pharmacy school and their choices for people on their board etc.

If you are not from the area be aware that the enviornment is different (one law student was written a ticket for jogging on the road)

This envornment will probably be ideal for some......
Make a list of your pros and cons and see which one wins out...

Remember... its not always just about getting out faster
The ACP that is being discussed is Albany College of Pharmacy, not Appalachia. ;) :p


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Mar 4, 2004
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thanks i figured as much but didn't really know.....

i didn't think that comparison was that big of a choice.... but then again.....

that and they mentioned NoVA.....

ok i was lost i'll admit it