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Dec 15, 2022
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Hello everyone, I just wanted to write this up to get everyone's opinion on what school is best for me. I have only received an acceptance to MCW and am priority alt list at NJMS and still pending a decision at UVM.

I would like to do ortho or optho, not sure if this factors into your advice?


Pass/Fail, no ranking
Top NIH Funding
seems chill

far from all familial support (12 hours away via car)
match all seems to be in the midwest--would like to come back to East coast if I attend


Total pass/fail (Clinical and Pre-clinical)
I guess good research?
seems chill
closer to family (about 4 hours away via car)

mandatory class
match strength seems spotty, in terms of surgical specialties


near fam (20 mins lol)
Rutgers undergrad--good research
great match list

not pass/fail
seems to rank (not sure)
i can't decipher the culture there

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks again for your assistance guys,

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I got into MCW as well so can only speak to that one. They have a great ortho and ophtho program if you’re interested in that. Students seem extremely happy here and also very well supported. Milwaukee is a great and affordable city and you’re probably already used to the winters. The lake here is fantastic!
Only thing that gives me pause is that the name of the school could be more well known in the Midwest than east coast and I worry about being unable to match back to east coast (where my family is). Now that step 1 is p/f I’m not sure how much name recognition will matter. If you don’t mind being here for residency, you’ll have a good shot at your interests in this area. Unsure about elsewhere but med school is what you make of it.
What about cost? That probably should factor in the decision too. MCW is $$$$
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I'm also on the priority waitlist at NJMS and just wanted to say that I had a similarly difficult time gauging NJMS' vibe. Talking to some students, it looks like the vibe changes according to the grading system.

A current M4 I interviewed with had great things to say about the school, that it was collaborative, etc. This was the last year for NJMS to be Pass/Fail. Meanwhile, the current M1-M3s had a graded system, and so their lifestyle became a lot more competitive/stressful in general, which led to less collaboration between students. This is most likely not because of the gunner mindset and more likely because they are stressed out! NJMS will only be Pass/Fail for the introductory blocks, and then will go back to being graded for our year.

Personally, having a Pass/Fail grading system is super important to me , and so I ended up not sending a letter of intent to NJMS and am committing elsewhere. Just wanted to add this for info on vibes! Good luck!