mdapplicants getting in with sub 2.7 GPAs


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Jun 24, 2008
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    You guys notice how many students get into med school with sub 3.0 GPAs, the are not all URM, and I was wondering for 1. How do these students get in with those scores, 2. If these people got in with no strings attached it means no one in here should freak and just apply and let it be. I mean there were sub 2.8 getting into MD schools, whats up with that?


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    Sep 15, 2008
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      you're going to find a french fry in about every 3rd box of chicken mcnuggets.

      there's always going to be exceptions. Here are some that might be able to explain a subpar GPA:

      Illness (Cancer, Disease etc.)
      Natural disaster (Home was destroyed etc.)
      Death in the family
      Any other WOW circumstances you can think of.

      The people you see with sub 3.0 gpa must have had SOMETHING ELSE going for them, overcoming amazing circumstances, with a trailing disney heart felt story.

      But let all the readers beware, just because you hear of success stories, doesn't mean you're going to be one. Play it safe with your future, try to maintain a good gpa, get a good mcat, have good ecs.

      Don't gamble with your dreams.
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