Med Pre-Reqs during the summer

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Feb 11, 2011
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Hey wanted to get a few opinions.

I plan on taking some of my pre-reqs during the summer due to my full graduate course load during the semester (15 credits) and my required research time. Also, I get tuition reimbursement right now so I can go to school for free and add one class per semester (total of 18) which I plan on using on the remaining pre-reqs.

My question is, are adcoms going to look poorly on me taking pre-reqs during the summer? I am not trying to take an easier course load and plan on taking 2 at a time during summer while still doing research almost full time.

Thanks in advance

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In your situation and it not being from a community college, no it's not a bad thing. Most people won't notice let alone bring it up in interviews. If they do bring it up, repeat your text post in a coherent matter and you're golden.
The school I'm most interested in attending specifically states that they frown upon people taking pre-req's over the summer :mad: You might want to check in with some of your top schools and find out what their opinions are.
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I did general chem over the summer and it was never brought up at interviews. If you're talking about intense classes where they cram a semester-long class into six weeks, you won't want to take two of them at once. One prereq class over the summer is the equivalent of a full courseload during the regular school year. Just take one class at a time, and make sure you have the option of putting your research on hold or cutting back the hours if you start feeling overwhelmed.
Thanks for the feedback. Been looking around and can see why adcoms might frown upon undergrads doing their pre-reqs over the summer. I was hoping taking two at a time over the summer may offset any perceived notions that I am trying to take the easy way out.