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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by mast, Aug 5, 2001.

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    Anyone know of any good books that would help in forming a list of differential diagnoses? :rolleyes:
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    The list of medical books is quite long. I do not know where you are in your career, but some essential books will help. The main one is of course Harrison's. For most first and second year this is all you will need to come up with intelligent ddx if you have an idea of what disease process is going on. There are quite a few pocket books for third year that will list ddx by symptoms and findings. Most will be written for specific rotations. Regardless if you do not own a Harrison's and you plan on doing at least some of your studying out of the library, I would buy one. Good luck

  3. No way!
    Harrison's is WAY too much for a 1st/2nd year student!
    First read your path, pharm, and micro....this will give you a good basis on which you can build on later..
    Best way to come up w/ a DD is by thinking about it, not memorizing a list...

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