Jun 2, 2018
Hey there!
I'm currently in my first year of med school. I always had this passion for medicine as well as art. I initially thought of going to art school but I eventually settled down for med school. I know, there's a big difference between the two fields but I still love both medicine and art.

I didn't really think that medical illustrator or being a medical artist was actually a career or a full time job. I know I'm still in my first year and I have a long way to go before I finally choose how I'm going to serve my occupation. But this, so far, really interests me a lot and seeing this as an actual career made me joyful.

My question is that what are the requirements for becoming a medical illustrator after med school. Keyword "med school". Example do you need a MD and a degree in visual arts etc or something like that? Please let me know if anyone of you reading this knows a bit about the requirements.

I tried searching a few sites but they didn't really help much. I'm actually new to this forum so I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me out over here. Thank you.
Oct 7, 2017
Hi there. Professional medical illustrator here. You do not need a medical degree, but many go into medical art after med school. Typically, medical illustrators have graduate training (scientific illustration doesn’t require it), and there are four accredited graduate programs in North America. You can find lots of helpful info at the association of medical illustrators’ site (ami—org). Happy to answer any specific questions.
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