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Aug 29, 2003
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Attending Physician
There is a one position in Raonake and Richmond, Virginia and 2 positions in Tennessee. Here are tha highlights of the positions:

Position Title: Intraoperative Monitoring Specialist:

Job Description: Monitor patient's neurophysiologic status
during surgical procedures (anesthesized Pt)
with Neuro- and Orthopedic surgeons.

Work Hours: Based on 40 hour work week
Procedures may be morning, afternoon or
occasionally nights.
Weekdays and weekend calls shared with
7 other specialists.

Location: Virginia (Roanoke and Richmond) and Tennessee

Salary: >$40,000.00

Number of Positions : 1 for VA, 2 for Tennessee

Foreign MD's only.

Prefer those with no MLE passes.
One level pass is also acceptable but not preferable.

Send resumes to [email protected]
or fax to 1-800-706-0013.
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