Medicine questions on surgery shelf?

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Mar 30, 2003
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I have heard that in the surgery shelf there are many questions that are not about surgery but about medicine. In a few weeks I'm going to start my surgery rotation, which is my first rotation, so I was wondering how to prepare for those medicine questions if I haven't taken my medicine rotation yet. - Thanks

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You're F----ed.


An incoming MSIII asked me this same question and I had no good response. You could try reading BluePrints for Medicine beforehand. That is the best I can suggest.
:( Thanks for your advice, anybody else has any other suggestion?
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There are a lot of questions on the surgery shelf exam that require a strong knowledge of internal medicine.

Since this will be your first rotation, there's no way that you'll be able to absorb enough to shine on the exam. If you want to do well, you should read surgery blueprints cover to cover at least twice during your rotation. Carry a copy of Surgical Recall with you, so you can brush up on basics whenever you have a spare minute.

I'm not sure how your school grades students, but at my school, clinical performance is far more important than an exam score for determining your grade. In my opinion, it'll be better for you to shine on rounds and in the OR than to ace the exam.

Good luck,
I personally liked NMS Surgery and Common Surgical Diseases...they both included a lot of medicine within the surgery topics. Do questions, questions, and them some questions...I liked A&L Surgery question book and if your daring the question book that went along with the Sabiston text and of course, Surgical Recall. If your school is like mine, then your performance will be compared with your classmates on the rotation at the time and there will no doubt be others who have not taken medicine either. Good luck.
Thank you guys ;) , I appreciate your advice.
Originally posted by sm2005
I'm going to start my surgery rotation, which is my first rotation...

Holy crap, dude! Glad I'm not you. You are going to definitely have a warped sense of what "normal" is after the next twelve weeks. I start medicine in two weeks (which sorta sucks because I really wanted to start with FP to kind of 'ease into things'.) I already bought Blueprints and am reading it now (along with baby Harrison's for reference... this stuff goes 'cold' pretty fast if you don't keep up with it.) Supposedly, St. Frances is good, but I've heard it's a lot like Blueprints except more geared towards nursing (hey, there's a lot of good info in some of those nursing books! :D).

And, fortunately our "shelfs" are only worth 15% of the course grade. So, not a huge focus placed on them.

Good luck, buddy.

This is not meant to brag, but to encourage: Surgery was my first major required rotation, so I took it before medicine. I just went with what I knew from studying for Step 1, read Surgical Recall, and did well on the shelf exam and ended up with a honors in Surgery. A lot of it you already know from the boards, really. I'm not a super stellar student or anything, promise!
skip intro, how do the clinical rotations at ross work? I mean I know you guys do all of your rotations in US hospitals, but

1) how bad are the hospitals? One poster in the int med forum said that non-SGU carrib students do all of their 3rd year rotations in ghetto hospitals under really adverse conditions. Is this true?

2) will you be doing rotations in hospitals that also host US medical students?

3) How many geographic options are there for rotations? Suppose a student wanted to do his 3rd and 4th year rotations in the virginia/nc/maryland area....would this be possible?

4) can ross students do all their rotations at one hospital?

one thing I forget skip......I've heard that a small number of ross students with really high step 1 scores(245+) transfer to US schools. If a student starts ross in the september class and takes the step 1 with everyone else who started that class(I'm assuming after the 5th semester miami program?), is there time to apply to US med schools and matriculate in time to start thrid year clinicals with the students at that US med school??

Or do you have to start Ross in May to do this?? Which seems like a weird time to start med school........