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Dec 18, 2008
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Hi everyone..

I am looking for a good review book to keep with me..

there are mixed reviews about laughing ur way.. but at least there are reviews.. i wasnt able to find reviews about medstudy peds

so if anyone has any input on Medstudy Pediatrics to please tell me how it is.. and is it worth it ?

advise ?!



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Nov 13, 2006
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MedStudy is a lot more detailed than Laughing Your Way. It's also much more expensive.
The nice thing about MedStudy is that you can either read the full text, or just focus on the highlighted paragraphs with the essential facts for the boards (+/- use the quiz questions). The books are otherwise a great review, packed with information that might be useful reading during a particular rotation. Good for people who start studying early. Also for those who like color print.
However, if you're just months or weeks (= days to hours of reading time) away from the board exam, I wouldn't bother to plough through MedStudy - you can take in 10 pages of Laughing Your Way for each MedStudy page. Again, this is because the latter is more detailed and more complete, also with less mnemonics or short, fun descriptions.
So, I think each of these review books has their place, depending on your preferred style of studying.
Sorry I can't say much about FirstAid which I didn't really use - it seems pretty detailed as well.


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Dec 18, 2008
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Thank You very much

this was very helpful..

I am still having a long time before the board.. so i want something to go through more than once..

thank you again..


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Dec 12, 2002
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I have to agree that if you've got the time, MedStudy is well worth the price. We'll see in another couple weeks whether it paid off, but I felt relatively prepared on the Boards. There's great information presented in a readable and straightforward 'this is what you need to know' format.
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