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Nov 23, 2015
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Hello Everyone, Me Again

Soooo Still in the quest of figuring out Grad School Programs.
Little Background:
Impending B.A in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from Cal State Northridge ( I gain this in May sooo excited lol. This is also means I am in California but Okay relocating to other west coast states)
GPA is at a 2.93 as of right now but it can go up soon and I will make sure it does.
I haven't taken the GRE and I really don't want to but I feel it might be a necessity.
I have two internships right now: One in Depression/Sucide Awareness another in Sexual Health and Overall Wellness etc.
Goal in all this is to work with children and families/couples. This includes: Counseling/Educational purposes(assesments Possible IEPs Academic Achievement)/ Working with things like Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Divorce/Marital/Relationship issues, Infertility/Adoption situations that type of things
I'm in my late 20s, close to 30 so I don't want to be in school too much longer..

Considering the title of this thread, I am highly considering these. School Counseling/School Psych is another thought but I dont know if it will cross the goals I have.
I recently came across Mental Health Counseling and found that it fits everything I want to do and more but there are concerns; same with Social Work

So Questions:
1) Is getting the MHC worth it especially in California? I keep hearing that it isnt or that it wont make much or something like that so can this became a license that is accesible given a good accredited program?

2) Is Social Work the way to go? I know the opinion of like every Social Worker/Former SW Student and more alike say its the bees knees and all that but I have high concerns about the classes within the program. I want a program that is so clinical it hurts and the only one is University of So Cal aka USC. Even then the classes that I see aren't jumping out at me and I dont want to go into something and not be intrigued by what I am learning in route to my career.

3) Can MFTs do other things besides Private Practive? I get that notion from others too that MFT isnt a good idea or that thats all they do, there is limitations etc. Is this true would getting the MFT/LPC be a good idea instead?

Sorry for the long post I just want to narrow this down but also pick the closest program that is right for me =)
Mar 24, 2014
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My understanding is that the most flexible and respected masters degree is the MSW as far as being able to work in a variety of settings such as community mental health, hospitals, private practice. Do a little job searching to see what is being offered for the various positions and maybe even contact a few practitioners in your local area to get the feel for what it is like out there. Most people love to answer these types of questions from students so make a few phone calls.


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Nov 3, 2013
Hello CampDeeds,

As a current student at USC going through their MSW program, my opinion will be highly biased.
But yes, getting your MSW is definitely the bees knees. The flexibility of the degree, whether you want to do direct therapy or move towards the policy side are all possible with an MSW.
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