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Feb 9, 2005
Can someone tell me what they remember about Michigan's work schedule, hours worked per week, call schedule? I felt like I really liked their program (although it's big) but can't find notes on many of the specifics. Anybody else have good or bad things to say about it? I've also heard anesthesia there may have a kind of nasty relationship with surgery -- any truth to this?

Finally, has anybody heard anything from them since their interview? I'm feeling a bit concerned as I haven't heard a peep. Just wondering how things stand. Thanks for the help!


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Aug 7, 2004
One of my friends is a CA-1 at UM. They work about 55 hours per week. General OR call is about once every two weeks, and you get postcall off at 7am, and post-post call in the holding area. The relationship with surgery is just fine, in fact there is a large joint christmas party every year, although I'm sure there are some isolated conflicts, and the surgeons are really jealous that they didn't go into anesthesia.