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MIDWESTERN UNIVERSITY students- I have a question for you!

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by SummerKiwi, May 25, 2008.

  1. SummerKiwi

    SummerKiwi 7+ Year Member

    May 25, 2008
    Helllo, I'm currently a Sophomore at Phoenix College. I have had my eye on Midwestern University in Glendale. I was wondering a few things because I visited Midwestern a year ago and asked about what it took to get into their pharmacy school. He had mentioned that most of the applicants accepted already had their bachelor's degree from ASU. :confused:
    So, I decided to get my prereq's done at a CC, transfer to ASU to major in Biochemistry, volunteer for a few months of shadowing a pharmacist, continue working as Phtech, attain my BA, take the PCAT, and apply.
    However, my advisor at PC, attended a conference at Midwestern and has a sheet with over two pages of names of those who were attending Midwestern from PC. He managed to convince me of their prepharmacy checklist that accepts students from PC and I decided to go for my Associate's in Science, instead. :rolleyes:
    I planned on volunteering this year to shadow a pharmacist and studying on Orgo I so maybe I could take Orgo I during the summer? Not sure yet but I will get everything else done before next July, besides Orgo I and II. If not, I planned on working as a Phtech throughout that year while I take Orgo I and II and maybe take the PCAT afterward then apply. I have a 4.0 at PC and I've been to a private school throughout grade school and high school so I absolutely love smaller schools like PC as opposed to ASU. :thumbup:

    Will somebody PLEASE tell me this is the path they took for PC or another CC or is it better to get your BA? Since it is a doctorate program?? It's been driving me nuts!:scared:
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  3. HoosierPharmD

    HoosierPharmD 5+ Year Member

    Jan 26, 2008
    The best thing to do is contact the admissions office of Midwestern. One, it is directly from them. Two, you are developing a good relationship with them. If you are close, ask if they would look at your transcripts to help point you in the right direction. Make sure you are well organized though and dress appropriately (not that you wouldn't:p). They do not have a lot of time and you want to make the most of it if they do have an opening for you to meet with them.
  4. PrepharmKID

    PrepharmKID 2+ Year Member

    May 15, 2008
    i've been taking courses at phoenix college as well as south mountain community college. I need 5 more course i believe to cover my bases for midwestern as well as schools that require different ones. I have a friend that went to U of A for 2 years and got accepted into midwestern. i have another friend that got a degree in drama or something like that and she went to years at phoenix college and got accepted into midwestern as well.

    What i'm trying to say is no, you can get accepted into their school wiht just the pre-req courses. You have a better chance of having a higher GPA as well. People that have 4 year degrees have a higher probability of having a lower GPA since they have taken more classes.

    Take the PCAT in june or august if you have most of your courses done. PM me if you have any more questions. I have loads of information about PC and midwestern, etc.
  5. Alby

    Alby 7+ Year Member

    Sep 28, 2007
    Fewer people are getting in each year without a Bachelor Degree (as it gets more competitive). I am a PS1 there, and the majority of our students have degrees (there are some that don't.. from local community colleges... however those students generally (not all) have a harder time with the course load.

    Go ahead and apply, but remember to have a back up plan in case you don't get in your first time. Also, I have heard they like reapplicants (shows dedication), so if you don't get in, try again the next cycle.
  6. sundevil09

    sundevil09 2+ Year Member

    Oct 7, 2007
    I am one of the few PS1s in the program that doesn't have a degree. It doesn't hurt to apply withtou a degree just know that every year it is getting harder and harder to get into Pharmacy School without one but it is def. doable. Me and a handful of other PS1s opted out early or just did the community college thing. But the median age of the 2011 class isn't 25 by coincedence

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