Minority UNfriendly Residencies

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Aug 6, 2010
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It seems after multiple discussions with friends who are also minorities and more specifically AA or otherwise "black" or hispanic minorities that in general being held to a "higher standard" is the norm. I am starting a list of some of the most minority unsupportive residencies. Feel free to add to it{

1. Harvard Longwood psychiatry - every single resident labelled as "a problem" in the past few years has been black. Gross discrepancies where white and Asian (especially white male residents) get to be offensive, refuse to take patients, show up 40 minutes late for sign out etc and get a chuckle or a pat on the back and a "that's okay" while minority residents who make even one mistake are immediately reported as a "problem" even if that "mistake" is not answering their beeper while on vacation.